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Welcome to Crystal Clear Water




Crystal Clear Water is your neighborhood retail pool supply store that has everything you need to maintain your pool.

We sell, service and install pool heaters, filters, and pumps for in-ground and above ground pools.

We sell and install pool liners for above ground pools.

Whether you use chlorine, bromine, Baquacil, salt, or UV we have what you need in stock.

Bring a sample of your pool or spa water in and our staff will run it through our professional spin lab while you wait. The test will print out how much of each component needs to be added to balance your pool water.

This is a free test for our customers.

Crystal Clear Water carries quality ladders, GLI solar reels, and pool lights.

Come in to meet Rich and Lydia, the owners, and Becca and Adam our summer crew. We can answer your questions and we love giving advice on how to maintain your pool.


 See the Products and Manufacturers we use to make your "Pool" or "Spa" Just right for you.



  • Pool Maintenance
  • Pool Repair
  • Pool Service
  • Spa Maintenance
  • Spa Repair
  • Spa Service

We also carry Chlorine, Bromine and More!

Service Area:

  • Ashtabula
  • Edgewood
  • North Kingsville
  • Conneaut
  • Geneva
  • Austinburg
  • Jefferson
  • Andover
  • Orwell



Crystal Clear Water
(440) 576-5421
895 Route 46 N
Jefferson, OH 44047 (directions)


Crystal Clear Water Pools and Spas provides the best in Pool Maintenance and Spa Maintenance including Pool Cleaning, Pool Repair, Pool Service, Spa Cleaning, Spa Repair & Spa Service. We are pool cleaning Ashtabula, OH - pool service Ashtabula, OH - pool repair Ashtabula, OH - spa cleaning Ashtabula, OH - spa service Ashtabula, OH - spa repair Ashtabula, OH - pool cleaning Edgewood, OH - pool service Edgewood, OH - pool repair Edgewood, OH - pool cleaning North Kingsville, OH - pool cleaning Conneaut, OH - pool service Conneaut, OH - pool repair Conneaut, OH - pool cleaning Geneva, OH - pool service Geneva, OH - pool repair Geneva, OH - pool cleaning Austinburg, OH - pool service Jefferson, OH - spa service Jefferson, OH - pool cleaning Andover, OH - pool service Orwell, OH - chlorine Ashtabula, OH - bromine Ahstabula, OH

Check our our Water Treatment Division

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