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The Rendezvous line includes sanitizers, clarifiers, shocks,  fragrances, filter and equipment care products, water balancers and  other items for your complete spa experience.



Baqua Spa

With BaquaSpa Water, water feels the way it should “ Fresh. The  active anti-bacterial ingredient in BaquaSpa lasts much longer .than  traditional spa treatments so you spend less time testing and balancing and more time enjoying your spa.

Good for your body, your soul, your spa.


Brilliance for Spas

 There's nothing like finding the time to relax in your spa and  get away from the rest of the world. And now you can use that renewed  energy to take on the world instead of your spa.

Introducing Brilliance® – the bromine spa care system. Unlike  other bromine-based spa care systems it's completely chlorine-free, so  there's less odor and less irritation to your eyes and skin.

Discover Brilliance® today. It's clearly the brighter solution.


Spa Frog

Imagine the feeling of sparkling water caressing your skin with  soft touches of warmth. Or feel the stress melting away in the luxury  of fresh, invigorating water. Well, don't imagine anymore! With SPA  FROG's mineral systems, your spa will have the feel of a hot spring in  the Rocky Mountains, cascading water over your tired limbs and  soothing your aching muscles.


Spa Perfect

 Spa Clear & Perfect is a technologically advanced and highly  concentrated spa water clarifier. Use to effectively and quickly clear problem water or to 'polish' dull water by removing small suspended  particles that filters cannot capture. Spa Clear & Perfect is not pH sensitive and does not affect spa water pH. Spa is safe to use  within 15 minutes of adding product.

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